The Aurora 3D Kneading Massager Pillow brings the ultimate in latest 3D Massage to bring the luxury of a real massage to almost anywhere you need to go.  With it’s uniquely designed 4 Large Nodes and 8 Mini Nodes this pillow provides the ultimate in massage technology available.  Provides a truly 3D massage experience with circular kneading and multi-directional movement to give you a soothing and relaxing massage.

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Bring the luxury of a spa quality massage almost anywhere you go with Aurora Kneading Massager Pillow. 4 large nodes and 8 mini nodes are uniquely arranged to provide the ultimate massage experience. The circular kneading of the two massage units work in unison to offer a soothing and relaxing pressure to a variety of different muscle groups around your neck, back, waist, legs, and feet. Help relive muscular pain and tension when you apply pressure to different areas on the body like the true massage experience you would receive from a massage therapist. The massager also can promote increases in blood flow and circulation to areas you choose to massage. A convenient single touch on/off button and 20-minute automatic shut off function makes it safe and simple. Optional user-controlled heating provides warmth to the skin surface. The four-pound portable pillow massager is easy to pick up and transport to your next destination when not in use.

  • Unique Nodes: Multi-node heads provide a unique spa like massage experience/ This massager has 4 large nodes and 8 mini nodes.
  • Good for Circulation: Use this massager to help promote increased blood flow while offering relaxing pressure to help relief muscular pain and tension in different region of the body.
  • Easy controls: Combine the gentle kneading massage with added user-controlled heat for a truly luxurious massage.
  • Portable: Measuring at 5L x 13W x 6H inches, this four-pound massage is small enough to carry around, allowing for a great massage in the home, office, or vehicle.
  • Versatile: Massage multiple regions of the body including, your neck, back, waist, legs, and feet.


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