Achieve an incredible foot spa treatment right from the comfortably of your own home with the Aurora AW206. The foot brush scrubber works to scrub away dead skin while gently exfoliating your skin while in the shower. Combine your favorite soaps with the massager to get a deeper clean while relaxing in your shower or bathtub. Watch as the long high quality bristles scrub in between your toes to remove any dirt or bacteria while soothing your tired feet.

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Revamp your foot scrubbing routine with the AW206 Foot Brush Scrubber by Aurora. Exfoliate your skin with the stiff outer bristles to remove dead skin and dirt. The shorter inner bristles are used to provide a gentle massaging effect on your feet. Combine your favorite soaps with the massager to get a deeper clean on your soles and between your toes—while relaxing in your shower or bathtub. Secure the foot scrubber with high quality suction cups and prevent slippage when stepping on the massagers non-slip surface.

  • Non-Slip Material: Scrubber is designed to stay put when you use it. Take advantage of the bottom-facing suction cups to grip the scrubber onto several surfaces, including shower floors and bathtubs.
  • Portable Design: Exfoliate and massage your feet anywhere you take this portable, deep cleaning scrubber. Great for people of all mobility ranges, use this massager while sitting down or standing up.
  • Exfoliates skin: The tall and firm outer bristles remove dead skin and leaves your feet smooth. Use the inner bristles for a gentler scrubbing experience.
  • Improve Circulation: When you scrub actively, you promote movement in your feet, which can improve blood circulation.
  • Easy to Dry: When finished, hang the deep foot cleaner on a hook to let it dry before the next time you use it.

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9.45L x 7.48W x 3.94H

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