Aurora 5X LED Lighted Personal Tabletop Makeup Mirror, Double Sided (1X/5X).  Light and packable it is perfect for storing in your luggage on trips.  Made with durable and sleek ABS materials and anti-slip feet to keep it stable. Single button on and off and 360 degree rotation of the mirror. The LED light has such a natural brightness that using it with this mirror brings out the most natural look when utilizing the mirror for makeup or checking your complexion.

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Apply cosmetics and get a closer look at your complexion with the Aurora AB302 5X LED Vanity Mirror. This double-sided mirror has two viewing angles: a regular 1x mirror and a 5x mirror for closer application. Both sides of the mirror are equipped with a battery-powered LED ring, which provides additional light that can bring out detail on your face—without all of the wires and plugs. Constructed out of lightweight and durable plastic, this portable mirror can fit easily in carry-on luggage, which makes it perfect for travel.

  • Versatile Angles: This tabletop mirror has both a 1x and 5x viewing angles. These mirrors are perfect can be used for normal close up view when applying cosmetics. Use its smooth 360-degree rotation to switch back and forth between the two mirrors.
  • Portable Design: This mirror is made with lightweight and durable plastic, which makes it ideal for travel, or to be used as a peripheral mirror in your bathroom.
  • LED Ring: Use the provided LED ring to get additional light when using the 1x and 5x mirrors. The LED light can make it easier to spot imperfections when viewing at close angleseight: 0.9 lbs


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